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Portal Message - 6/09/2021

June 10, 2021 – FY22 Salary Increase Follow-up Transactions PSE215/PSE200

Transactions PSE215 and PSE200 are available for agency use as noted below.

PSE215 Salary Increase:
PSE215 will accept the new salary and one-time bonus payment if applicable, and will process the action in PMIS. Please verify the employee data fields presented for review before transmitting the action. When the data fields are correct, simply transmit where indicated. For CIPPS agencies, the transaction will be logged for the PMIS-to-CIPPS interface.

  • Use PSE215 to process FY22 Salary Increases in PMIS for any eligible employees who were not selected for automatic update and, therefore, not already processed by the bulk update on June10, 2021. Employees whose return from LWOP is keyed in PMIS after June 10, 2021 and employees who are indicated in PMIS as working less than 12 months are examples of employees who would not have been included in the June10 automatic update.
  • PSE215 will also change salary and/or bonus amounts when necessary due to, for example, elimination or modification of alternate pay bands.

PSE200 Rollback:
The PSE200 Rollback transaction will retract the FY22 Salary Increase action provided that no subsequent transactions have been keyed. PSE200 should only be used when the next transaction entered will not be another PSE215, such as in the following examples:

  • Any agency that needs to retract the FY22 Salary Increase in order to key an in-band adjustment that was effective on or before June 10, but not keyed prior to the June10 bulk update, should follow the following sequence:
    • retract the FY22 Salary Increase using PSE200
    • key the in-band adjustment as usual;
    • re-key the FY22 Salary Increase using PSE215
  • PSE200 should also be used to remove the FY22 Salary Increase for employees who should have been BLOCKED.

To key FY22 Salary Increases for wage employees, agencies should use PSW090 transaction with Reason code 215.

For assistance with these transactions, please contact the DHRM Help Desk at ihelp@dhrm.virginia.gov.