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Policy Number: 5.05 - Employee Training and Development
Efft. Date: 9/16/93 Rev. Date: 5/16/06


It is the Commonwealth's objective to provide employee training in support of the Commonwealth's goals, and that this training shall be available without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, veteran status, political affiliation, genetics, or disability according to the Governor’s Executive Order on Equal Opportunity and state and federal laws.
Policy amended January, 11, 2014 per Executive Order Number 1 (2014) Equal Opportunity.


This policy applies to positions covered under the Virginia Personnel Act to include classified, and restricted employees. In addition, wage employees may be provided training if it is deemed beneficial to agency operations. (See section II of Policy 2.20, Types of Employment.)


Instructional programs and/or experiences designed to help employees become more efficient, professional workers, or to equip them with the knowledge and skills that improve career advancement opportunities.


A systematic process that determines the worth, value, or significance of training. Typically, training evaluations measure participants' reactions, the accomplishment of program objectives, or performance improvement.

Office of Personnel Development Services ("PDS")

The office within the Department of Human Resource Management that is responsible for developing, conducting, and/or sponsoring statewide training programs for state employees and state agencies, and for assisting state agencies in employee training.


Instruction provided to stimulate change. Its focus is short-term and directed solely at furnishing knowledge or skills that employees need to carry out their present work duties efficiently and effectively.

Needs assessment

A systematic method for determining gaps between current and desired performance levels.

Training plan A written document that outlines identified needs, describes the strategy for addressing those needs and includes:
  1. a needs assessment;
  2. a plan that states goals and objectives, and methods for achieving them; and
  3. a statement regarding funding necessary to implement the plan.

Agencies shall provide, within reasonable resources, employee training necessary to assist the agency in achieving its mission and accomplishing its goals.

  1. Each agency should designate a person to assist in implementing its training and development programs and to serve as contact with PDS for the coordination of training services.
  2. Each agency should develop a biennial training plan to include:
    • a training needs assessment;
    • an action plan showing goals, objectives, and methods by which the plan can be achieved; and
    • funding needed to implement the plan.
  3. Agencies should send a copy of their training plan to PDS to be used for the sharing of training information and resources.
Agencies should provide, at a minimum, on-the-job training or work-related instruction that prepares employees to perform their current jobs (includes: instruction mandated by law, instruction necessary to accommodate technological changes, and new employee orientation).
Agencies are required to prepare individual Employee Development Plans for employees as part of the Employee Work Profile.  The plan must include personal learning goals, learning steps and resource needs.

Agencies should encourage and assist employees to attend conferences, conventions, seminars and workshops that are aimed at enhancing and/or increasing their work skills and/or abilities by:

  1. advising employees of training opportunities sponsored by other agencies, the state, or non-state entities;
  2. establishing a procedure for approving employee training requests to ensure that:
    • the training is work-related; and
    • the agency will benefit from the employee's training; and
  3. scheduling employees, in accordance with agency needs, for a reasonable amount of time away from work with pay for training.
NOTE: The time that an employee spends at an approved training program during normal work hours shall be considered as part of the employee's normal work hours and shall not be charged to his or her accumulated leave or considered leave without pay.
Training records and maintenance
  1. Agencies are responsible for documenting completed employee training and for maintaining training records for three years following the completion of such training.
  2. Training records should include, at a minimum:
    • participant's age, race, and gender;
    • course identification and dates of training;
    • participant's Role title, work title and Pay Band; and
    • cost of course registration, instructional fees, and materials.
  3. Each agency should designate a location for maintenance of training records.

Use of PDS and outside vendors
In accordance with the "Non-Professional Services" section of the State Procurement Manual, agencies shall determine whether PDS offers the desired training-related services before they contract with outside vendors for such services.


PDS offers a wide variety of training and development opportunities to employees that are designed to promote both professional personal grown for Virginia’s high performance workforce.  This includes:

One- and two-day open enrollment workshops
Workshops are conducted in Richmond and several regional locations for four primary target audiences:  supervisors and managers, human resource professionals, training professionals, and general employees.  These courses cover skills and topics which are most needed, including many topics which are state-specific.
Certification Programs
  1. Certified Public Managers Program
  2. Human Resource Certification Program (SHRM)
  3. Human Resource Institute
Other Training Opportunities
  1. Change and Change Management
  2. Custom and In-House Training
  3. Vendor Delivered Training
  4. Computer Training and Lab
Consultation and Training Needs Assessment



This policy is issued by the Department of Human Resource Management pursuant to the authority provided in Chapter 12, Title 2.2 of the Code of Virginia. This policy supersedes Policy 5.04, Employee Training and Development, issued January 2, 1990.

The Director of the Department of Human Resource Management is responsible for official interpretation of this policy, in accordance with section 2.2-1201 of the Code of Virginia. Questions regarding application of this policy should be directed to the Department of Human Resource Management's Office of Agency Human Resource Services. The Department of Human Resource Management reserves the right to revise or eliminate this policy as necessary.

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