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Why Talent Management is Important for Virginia

In response to the Commonwealth’s evolving business strategy needs and industry best practices, in June 2009, The Department of Human Resource Management’s Office of Agency Human Resource Services (AHRS) embraced a broader view of “workforce planning” and launched a comprehensive and innovative Talent Management program. The model above illustrates this program by representing the stages through which employees move during their employment life cycle. As they do for any key initiative or program, agency strategic and business plans and requirements drive this life cycle. All life cycle stages require the daily support of human resource services to meet ongoing human capital needs. The talent management program provides strategic tools that drive, and determine the cycle of, employee/talent movement throughout the organization. Communication throughout all life cycle stages and among all parties is critical.

AHRS’ Role In Talent Management

AHRS’ role in talent management is to provide tools and resources that enable agency talent management strategies. Where statewide needs exist, AHRS provides enterprise solutions. In addition, AHRS supports the delivery of human resource services through consultation and the Shared Services Center. This role creates a comprehensive Commonwealth approach to planning, obtaining, developing, and moving talent to where it is needed.

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