Direct Service, #49050
Occupational Family: Health and Human Services
Pay Band Range: 1 - 3

Concept of Work

This Career Group provides career tracks for healthcare support occupations that serve as complementary components of a comprehensive health care or human services system by directly providing client services or assisting professionals in a residential, clinic or community setting. Direct client services include medical and mental health care, case management, client training and education, health and social outreach activities, mentoring, environmental health monitoring, patient preparation and observation, therapeutic treatment, and dental care. Support services include laboratory testing, behavioral screening, pharmaceutical preparation and distribution, diagnostic procedures, nutrition assessment and administrative services. Certification or specialized training to meet local, state or federal requirements may be required. Employees perform duties ranging from entry-level assistants to fully trained paraprofessionals and supervisors.

Roles Comprising This Group

These roles describe the collective characteristics of the work performed by employees in the Direct Service Career Group. The roles define the typical career paths for employees who pursue careers such as respiratory therapy assistants, hospital attendants, nursing assistants, dental assistants, emergency medical technicians, pharmacy technicians, psychiatric technicians, community health workers, dietetics technicians, medication assistants, physical/occupational therapist aide, training center direct care workers, and dental laboratory technicians.

Although all of these occupations are health care support occupations, each warrants a separate career track. Each of these career paths requires different knowledge, skills, and abilities and would not naturally lead to the other for career progression. However, a role for each of these occupations represents different levels of work, or career progression. Career paths may exist within a single role, extend to other roles in this Career Group, or to roles in other occupationally related Career Groups.







Direct Service Associate I




Direct Service Associate II



Direct Service Associate III



Role Descriptions

These roles are distinguished based upon the Compensable Factors of Complexity, Results, and Accountability and are used for position classification. These factors should be used for classification and compensation analysis. Recruitment and selection standards must be based on knowledge, skills, and abilities as indicated in the Employee Work Profile.

Direct Service Associate I

Code: 49051

Pay Band: 1

SOC: 29-2050*
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The Direct Service Associate I role provides career tracks for day care assistants, health outreach worker assistants, respiratory therapy assistants, hospital attendants, and others performing entry-level to journey-level responsibilities requiring little prior training or experience and the work is well defined.

Direct Service Associate I


  • Work is well defined and is performed within prescribed policies and procedures.
  • Tasks are repetitive and are influenced by the population served.
  • Applies basic knowledge of processes, methods and/or procedures for a variety of services or a detailed knowledge of a specific program or service.
  • Responsibilities include: cleaning and setting up instruments, equipment, and facilities; collecting specimens; preparing and providing routine information about services; providing routine/general guidance to clients, patients, customers.
  • May have responsibility for: transporting patients and clients; basic housekeeping; changing dressings; measuring vital signs; supervising/observing children, client or patient activities and some routine administrative tasks.


  • Actions affect the health, safety, and well being of clients.
  • Clients are treated with respect and dignity.


  • Limited discretion is required to carry out responsibilities.
  • Supervision is received by detailed instructions and/or employee actions are subject to close review.

Direct Service Associate II

Code: 49052

Pay Band: 2

SOC: 29-2050*
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The Direct Service Associate II role provides career tracks for health care support workers, such as nursing assistants, aides and orderlies, physical/occupational therapy aides , psychiatric technicians, community health workers, emergency medical technicians, medication assistants, dietetic technicians, pharmacy technicians and assistants , and others who perform health care support responsibilities ranging from entry-level to journey-level. This role also provides career tracks for supervisors of hospital attendants . Duties are varied, requiring either knowledge in a variety of areas or specialized knowledge to perform tasks in assigned specialty areas.

Direct Service Associate II


  • Understanding of a client's diagnosis and treatment or program plan.
  • Understanding of a client's social and cultural needs.
  • Services are broad in scope.
  • Applies knowledge of related program, regulations, practices, procedures, methods, instruments, and/or equipment.
  • Responsibilities include: providing information which conveys service availability to clients; assisting in the development of client service plans; implementing service plans; planning and implementing activities; advocating for individual and community needs; fostering independence; modeling behavior; and performing physical, dental, medical, laboratory, clinical, nutritional, administrative, environmental, eligibility, outreach and pharmaceutical tasks in support of clients or service delivery.
Work is complicated by nature of assigned caseload.


  • Client care, program, or training needs are met.
  • Delivery of quality care or effective customer service.
  • Clients are linked to the services they need within their community.


  • Exercises situational judgment and discretion to assure appropriate action is or has been taken.
  • Collects, records, and reports client data.
  • Actions are subject to review.
  • May lead or supervise other staff.

Direct Service Associate III

Code: 49053

Pay Band: 3

SOC: 29-2050*
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The Direct Service Associate III role provides career tracks for institutional, clinic, and community health care support specialists that are either service delivery experts or supervisors. As service delivery experts, employees provide or lead specialized services that support the work of interdisciplinary treatment teams, licensed clinical staff, and professional counselors. This role also provides career tracks for human rights advocates . As supervisors, employees supervise other Direct Service Workers, develop staff schedules, evaluate staff performance, serve as members of interdisciplinary treatment teams, make minor changes in treatment and program plans, write reports, make oral presentations, and review client records for appropriate documentation.

Direct Service Associate III (Expert)


  • Applies knowledge related to either: a variety of service programs, practices, methods, procedures, regulations, instruments and equipment; or a specific service area.
  • Observes and understands family dynamics. Recognizes the need for intervention and recommends resources.
  • Supports interdisciplinary treatment or professional services, client assessment, or program development and coordination.
  • Provides hands-on, intensive advocacy, intervention and mentoring that have a long-term influence on clients' independence, personal accountability, problem- solving skills and overall quality of life.
  • Plans, provides, and documents services.
  • May advise clients of their rights, investigate and respond to complaints, and maintain associated documentation.


  • Services appropriate to client needs.
  • Promotion of client social, recreation, personal care, independent living, or vocational skills, and self-esteem and motivation.
  • Treatment/program plans meet goals.
  • Services have long-term impact on client safety, security, physical and mental well being, as well as the ability of clients to obtain gainful employment and becoming participating member of society.


  • Develops components of treatment/program plans.
  • Applies discretion and judgment to independently resolve service delivery problems.
  • Direct accountability for service due to occasional supervisory review.
  • Decisions affect the efficiency and quality of service delivery.
  • May have lead responsibilities.
  • May be responsible for specialized laboratory techniques, such as repairing or manufacturing dental prosthetics.


Direct Service Associate III (Supervisor)


  • Applies knowledge related to either: a variety of service programs, practices, methods, procedures, regulations, instruments and equipment; or a specific service area.
  • Applies knowledge of the principles of supervision.
  • May serve on, and/or coordinate activities of, an interdisciplinary team.


  • Services are delivered as prescribed.
  • Long-term impact on client safety, security, and physical and mental well-being.
  • Writes components of treatment/program plans.
  • Evaluates program effectiveness in conjunction with professional staff.
  • Responsibilities may control service delivery or have the potential for significant liability to the Commonwealth.


  • Ensures delivery of services.
  • Applies discretion and judgment to independently resolve daily service administrative operations.
  • Compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Decisions affect the efficiency and quality of service delivery.
  • Client records contain appropriate documentation.
  • Supervises staff providing direct services, sometimes on multiple shifts and in multiple living areas.


*Statistical Reporting

This Career Group includes, but is not limited to, those in the following Standard Occupational Classifications:

19-4000.0 Life, Physical, & Social Science Technicians
21-1093.0 Social & Human Service Assistants
21-1099.0 Community & Social Service Specialists, All Other
27-3091.0 Interpreters & Translators
29-2041 Emergency Medical Technicians & Paramedics
29-2051 Dietetic Technicians
29-2052 Pharmacy Technicians
29-2053 Psychiatric Technicians
29-2054 Respiratory Therapy Technicians
29-2055 Surgical Technologists

Environmental Health Assistants

31-1012 Nursing Aides, Orderlies, & Attendants
31-2012 Occupational Therapist Aides
31-9091 Dental Assistants
31-9096 Veterinary Assistants & Laboratory Animal Caretakers
31-9099.0 Healthcare Support Workers, All Other

Hairdressers, Hairstylists, & Cosmetologists

39-9032.0 Recreation Workers
39-9041.0 Residential Advisors
43-6011.0 Executive Secretaries & Administrative Assistants

Effective Date: 11/01/01
Revised: 11/01/01
Revised: 12/01/05


Career Group History

This group is comprised of the following former job classifications:


Dependent Day Care Assistant


Dependent Day Care Supervisor


Patient Support Assistant


Public Health Outreach Worker Assistant


Respiratory Therapy Assistant


Hospital Attendant Specialist


Hospital Attendant Supervisor A


Public Health Outreach Worker


Residence Hall Coordinator


Deaf and Blind School Houseparent


Environmental Health Assistant


Public Health Associate A


Human Services Care Worker


Nursing Assistant


Hospital Attendant Supervisor B


Child Care Charge Technician


Physical/Occupational Therapist Aide


Dental Assistant B


Pharmacy Assistant A


Nutritionist Assistant


Respiratory Therapy Technician A


Emergency Medical Technician


Public Health Associate B


Human Services Care Lead Worker


Psychiatric Forensic Worker


Hospital Attendant Supervisor C


Medication Assistant


Operating Room Technician


Pharmacy Assistant B


University Dental Assistant


University Dental Auxiliary Utilization Instructor


Human Services Care Specialist


Public Health Associate C


Respiratory Therapy Technician B


University Dental Assistant Supervisor


University Dental Patient Care Coordinator


Psychologist Assistant


Human Services Care Specialist Senior


Human Services Care Supervisor

44084 Mental Hospital Psychiatric Forensic Worker


Industrial Therapy Supervisor


Human Rights Advocate