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June 27, 2022 – FY23 Salary Increase

Note: The following guidance applies to classified employees and administrative and professional faculty for PMIS agencies giving the statewide five percent increase.

Your agency will receive a set of up to four (4) bar-delimited preview files. These files contain lists of PMIS employees who are either designated to receive or to be omitted from the July 10, 2022 salary increase. Please review these lists carefully and contact the DHRM Compensation Group with any questions. The set of preview files are these:

  1. INCREASE-agency-date.txt – this file lists employees designated to receive the salary increase. Review the calculated new state-salary amount as well as other data included in the list for accuracy and completeness.
  2. INCREASE-BYPASS-agency-date.txt – this file lists those employees who will not have salary increases processed on July 10, 2022 because these employees are on “Leave Without Pay” in PMIS or have state-begin dates later than April 10, 2022 (“HIREDT”).
  3. INCREASE-12MO-agency-date.txt – this file will list those employees whose salary increases will not be processed automatically because the employees are indicated in PMIS as working less than 12 months (employee months worked < 12). Agencies should use transaction PSE215 to provide the increases for these employees on the appropriate effective date.
  4. INCREASE-EXC-agency-date.txt – this file lists employees who will be excluded for one of the following reasons:
    Have overdue ordinary leave-with-pay return dates (record is marked with message “LV-EXP”). DHRM cannot process salary increases for employees having expired ordinary leave-with-pay return dates. Use the “PSL001,agency” transaction to research employees with expired leave and to also research those with leave due to expire in the next 45 days

All agency employees should be listed in one of these preview files.

DHRM will place the above set of preview files in your HuRMan files & reports repository folder on Monday, June 27.

For review purposes, DHRM suggests opening the preview files in Excel. Before opening a file in Excel, first add column headings to the file by performing the following:

  1. Copy the column heading listed below and use Notepad to open your file
  2. Insert a blank row as the first row (place cursor at top left position and press the enter key)
  4. Save and close the file

When opening the file in Excel, you will receive certain prompts. At those prompts, choose “Delimited” file type, “Other” type delimiter (the “bar” key is the shifted key over the backslash key), and make the column data format “text” for all of the fields.

Needed Responses from Agencies

Agencies must upload to their agency’s folder in the DHRM file repository the following files that they have created:

  1. INCREASE-MANUAL-BLOCK (“BLOCK”) – this file lists employees with below contributor level performance or other employees that the agency has determined should not receive the salary increase. The format of the INCREASE-MANUAL-BLOCK file is: AGY|POSITION|EMPL-ID|LAST-NAME|FIRST-NAME
  2. INCREASE-MANUAL-UNBLOCK (“UNBLOCK”) – this file lists employees that show on the INCREASE-EXC-agency-date.txt but the agency has determined should receive the salary increase. The format of the INCREASE-MANUAL-UNBLOCK file is: AGY|POSITION|EMPL-ID|LAST-NAME|FIRST-NAME


  • Agencies only need to provide these BLOCK AND UNBLOCK files if they have created or updated the files based on a review of the preview files
  • The last day for agencies to submit the above BLOCK and UNBLOCK files is Tuesday July 5.

Policy information regarding the July 10, 2022 Employee Salary Increases is available on the DHRM website. Please direct inquiries regarding the July 10, 2022 Employee Salary Increases technical implementation to the DHRM Compensation Group. Please contact CIPPS Payroll ( for questions related to CIPPS payroll processing.